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CEO Garrett Kurtt interviewed on The Start Build Grow Show

Instant Access to Local Roofing Codes

OneClick Code was developed to save professionals time and money by allowing them to access enforced roofing codes quickly and efficiently. Garrett Kurtt and Stephanie Swanson join Nick Peret and Randy Brothers to discuss how to use One Click Code to get paid faster and improve your workflows on The Start Build Grow Show.



About the Start Build Grow Show

The Start Build Grow Show brings on special guests every Wednesday at 6:00 MT to share their entrepreneurial journey in the contracting and roofing industry. We incorporate heavy Q&A to allow viewers to get their questions answered by industry leaders.

Our goal is to provide growth minded businesses with the resources they need to dominate their local markets. The Start Build Grow Show brings on some of the most influential people in the industry to help you learn topics such as: building a high performance sales team, digital marketing strategies, hiring & on-boarding, commercial roofing strategies, etc.

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