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Accurate Codes Accurate Claims

Accurately identifying jurisdiction can increase efficiencies by 14.6%.

For large companies that utilize claims systems like XactAnalysis or ClaimsConnect, OneClick Code provides a seamless integration solution for instant access to our data – no matter the claim volume.

  • https://www.oneclickcode.com/hubfs/1-Apr-05-2021-10-32-55-00-PM.pngReduce claims leakage by 14.6%
  • https://www.oneclickcode.com/hubfs/2-Apr-05-2021-10-32-55-01-PM.png5-10X ROI based on decreased cycle times, including labor and time savings
  • https://www.oneclickcode.com/hubfs/3-Apr-05-2021-10-32-55-01-PM.pngReduce adjuster churn and Loss Adjustment Expense (LAE)
  • https://www.oneclickcode.com/hubfs/4-1.pngIncrease Reserve Accuracy
  • https://www.oneclickcode.com/hubfs/5.pngIncrease customer retention

See the efficiency for yourself. Take OneClick for a test drive, instantly.

We have developed a comprehensive pilot program that enables your team to begin downloading and using – risk and commitment-free!

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Designed to deliver immediate value

Flexible solutions customized for your process and workflow.

Approximately 90% of property and casualty insurance claims have a roofing component. OneClick Code was designed to fundamentally transform the way Adjusters, Contractors and Insurance Carriers collaborate on finding the truth. Less friction. Less wasted time. More precise estimates. We’ve charted new territory through automation in a place there has never been.

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Our incredibly-efficient ecosystem

Maximize the potential of your existing third-party integrations and estimating software,
with OneClick’s API integration solution. Here’s how it works:

A hail or wind storm hits a property and causes roof damage. An insurance claim is started to repair or replace the roof.

An adjuster is tasked with building an estimate. Using OneClick Code to instantly provide essential data is the starting point for a defensible estimate.

OneClick Code provides accurate jurisdiction, building code enforcement, and code requirements instantly; significantly increasing claim efficiency

Claim efficiency is again increased by eliminating the back and forth between the contractor and adjuster.

Get to a defensible estimate, faster.

Efficiency you can measure and calculate


  • Review Supplement
  • Identify Jurisdiction
  • Search Roofing Codes
  • Find Phone Number & Call
  • Download/Upload & Diary Docs
  • Negotiate with Contractor
  • Total

OneClick Code

  • 0 minutes
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  • < 1 minute


  • 15 minutes
  • 10
  • 10
  • 15
  • 15
  • 20
  • 85 minutes

Building a thriving community of insurers, contractors and adjusters

“Wow, best code docs I have seen. Simple and easy. Usually, it’s pages of stuff to read through. Thank you for sending this in.”

Claim Specialist


“A powerful tool! There's not another app out there like OneClick Code. It gives us the information we need accurately and quickly. It enables us to have all the facts at our fingertips and has become a mandatory download for all of our claims specialists going forward.”

Justin Land

Co-Owner MAX4 Claims Specialists

“OneClick Code has changed the way I do business. Before I was introduced to the app, I was spending over two hours driving to get accurate roofing codes for jobs. With One Click Code, I'm able to access accurate, instant, and address-specific roofing codes immediately. This amazing app is incredibly time-saving, which means more time in my day to spend on projects that make money! Highly recommend.”

Spencer Thompson

Senior Project Manager Innovations NC

“I have been continuously impressed by the professionalism and communication that I receive from OneClick Code. Their customer service is top tier and I always walk away feeling taken care of. OneClick Code has my 5-star review and full endorsement.”

Brad Baradell

CEO Brad’s Roofing

“The team at CRA (Colorado Roofing Association) feels confident in endorsing OneClick Code to provide trusted and reliable information. We are thrilled to partner with One Click to utilize them in providing all of our third-party verifiable data.”

Colorado Roofing Association