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How Knowing Your Codes Makes You Money - CEO Garrett Kurtt on Contractor Radio

Accurate Building Codes will Determine Your Bottom Line

Jim Johnson from Contractor Radio and Garrett Kurtt, CEO and founder of OneClick Code, talk about a new tool that helps contractors mitigate risk, saving time, and making more money by having a third-party verification for their codes.


Contractor Radio: How knowing your codes makes you money

Show Notes:

2:00 Introduction
8:16 How Data Saves You Time
13:15 Detail of the Code
15:50 Homeowner Response to OneClick Code
17:30 Using Reports
20:24 Be More Profitable
23:10 Pricing Strategy
31:28 What Does the Future Look Like?
34:45 What is Your Greatest Achievement?
37:08 1 Piece of Advice
39:15 How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

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