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Building Codes for roofing projects, instantly

Accurate Codes, Accurate Claims

We do the building code research for you so you can move onto the next roof.

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Roofing estimates are complicated. Defending your research is a challenge. We're here to help.

Building Codes, Automated

Adjusters, Contractors, and Insurance Carriers now have one source of truth for building code requirements. Less friction. Accurate payments. Happy homeowners.

No Credit Card Required.
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Time is money

Don’t be left to Google and chasing down info with your local municipality. Save a minimum of an hour on every roof for less than a coffee.

A Clear “Yes” or “No”

Building code enforcement changes far too often to always be up-to-date. We adjust our National Database quarterly and give you a clear yay or nay for what’s enforced.


Single source of truth

OneClick Code was built as an objective solution for Contractors, Adjusters, Carriers and Supplements to provide a standard. Say goodbye to, “I’m right, you’re wrong”.


Built for Everyone.

You want to be respected for your work and trusted with the data you provide on your roofing estimates. That's what we do best.







Build estimates you can count on

Close claims faster, eliminate errors and increase payment accuracy - in seconds.

How are you finding building codes for roofing projects? How are you backing up your research? OneClick Code works with all the cities and counties across the U.S. to give you the most up-to-date building code documentation you need for your estimates.

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Join the 3,000 people nationwide that are using Code to build defensible estimates

Claim Specialist

“Wow, best code docs I have seen. Simple and Easy. Usually, it’s pages of stuff to read through. Thank you for sending this in”.

MAX4 Claims Specialists

“A powerful tool! There's not another app out there like OneClick Code. It gives us the information we need accurately and quickly. It enables us to have all the facts at our fingertips and has become a mandatory download for all of our claims specialists going forward.”

- Justin Land (Co-Owner)
Innovations Inc. NC

“OneClick Code has changed the way I do business. Before I was introduced to the app, I was spending over two hours driving to get accurate roofing codes for jobs. With One Click Code, I'm able to access accurate, instant, and address-specific roofing codes immediately. This amazing app is incredibly time-saving, which means more time in my day to spend on projects that make money! Highly recommend.”

- Spencer Thompson (Senior Project Manager)
Brad’s Roofing

“I have been continuously impressed by the professionalism and communication that I receive from OneClick Code. Their customer service is top tier and I always walk away feeling taken care of. OneClick Code has my 5-star review and full endorsement.”

- Brad Baradell (CEO)
Colorado Roofing Association

“The team at CRA (Colorado Roofing Association) feels confident in endorsing OneClick Code to provide trusted and reliable information. We are thrilled to partner with One Click to utilize them in providing all of our third-party verifiable data.”

- The team at CRA

Don’t leave money on the table

Explore our robust calculators to identify specific costs with Ice & Water Shield, Ventilation and Waste. We believe in complete transparency for roof repair and replacement.

Ice & Water Shield


Integral to a growing ecosystem

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Colorado Roofing Association
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See what the hype is all about for FREE

Simply head to or the App store to sign-up for your free trial. We give you all of the features to try before you buy. Once you see the power of the application, you’ll never go back to manually tracking down codes.

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The Devil is in the Details

Your estimates are only as good as your documentation. Attach our robust reports to each of your roofing files and watch your claims close quickly. Accepted by Insurance, our reports are here to support you every step of the way. 

Partnership Ecosystem
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An unmatched partnership ecosystem

We have partnerships with some of the industry's best innovators to make closing your claims even faster and easier. Head to our Integrations page to see who we currently have in our partnership roster.

We’ve cracked the code. Sign-up today (for free) and begin nailing your roofing estimates with a single click!