Lost your password?

Simply click on the forgot password below the login area or email us directly at code@oneclickcode.com

Is this mobile or desktop only?

OneClickCode works on ANY mobile device (iPhone, Android, etc) or desktop.

I didn’t receive my verification email/text message.

We currently send verification codes only via Text Message. If you haven’t received your text yet, attempt to sign in again and you’ll have the option of resending your code. If you signed up and the phone number you used isn’t capable of receiving texts, or for someone reason the code just isn’t coming through, just send us an email at code@oneclickcode.com. We’ll help you get in!

How do I save a report?

On mobile, there’s a blue button to Share (download) the report to your desktop or email or text it. On desktop, there’s a blue share arrow on top of the report to download the report as a PDF.

How much coverage is offered (is my state covered)?

98% of the US populations is covered in our reporting.

What is the cost to run reports?

Free, we currently do not charge for any reports.
We have plans in the future to offer a deeper level of data reporting and those will have a cost.
We do not collect a credit card at any point in this platform.
There is no contract you can unsubscribe at any time.

How long does OCC store reports?

Until you delete your account. (Note: to delete your account at this time, send us an email at code@oneclickcode.com and we will remove your account and delete all your old reports for you.)