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October 01, 2019

Sell & Supplement More Profitable Roofing Jobs

CEO Garrett Kurtt Interview with The Roof Strategist

Learn how to use the brand new, free software www.oneclickcode.com (or download the app!) to sell and supplement more profitable roofing jobs. In today's video, I'm joined by Garrett Kurtt, founder of OneClickCode as he walks us through his cutting-edge software that will change the roofing and storm restoration industry for good.


About The Roof Strategist

Adam Bensman provides the only FREE Roofing Sales Training Channel on YouTube focused on storm damage restoration, hail damage, and door to door (or canvassing) roofing sales. New videos every week on YouTube AND The Roof Strategist Podcast!


"I help roofing sales people (and teams) reach peak performance, have fun doing it, and SMASH their income goals!" - Adam Bensman from The Roof Strategist. 


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