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Weathering the Storm: Become a Master Roofer
Melanie Moscoso
Melanie Moscoso

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Weathering the Storm: Become a Master Roofer

Master the challenge and chaos of the storm season with our ultimate guide for roofing experts! Storm season is both a challenge and an opportunity for roofing companies and contractors. As severe weather events become more frequent and intense, the demand for roofing repair services skyrockets, presenting a unique opportunity for those in the roofing business to expand their operations. However, roofing contractors must be well-prepared, agile, and equipped with the right tools and strategies to handle logistical challenges and thrive during storm season.

With the right preparation, roofing contractors can turn this busy period of potential chaos into opportunities for growth and customer satisfaction. This comprehensive guide is your secret weapon for conquering storm season while saving you countless time and money. From mastering cutting-edge software solutions to sourcing the best materials and building a rock-solid marketing strategy, we'll cover everything you need to thrive during storm season. Whether you aim to become the best roofing contractor in your area or simply want to streamline your operations for maximum efficiency, these insights will empower you to navigate storm season confidently and maximize your profits. Let's turn this storm season into your roofing business's most successful one yet.

Preparation is Key

The key to mastering storm season lies in proactive preparation. Here's a comprehensive checklist on how you can set your business up for success:

Safety, Expertise, and Scalable Staffing

Safety Equipment and Training
Invest in proper safety equipment and ensure your crew is trained in storm damage repairs, focusing on areas like temporary roof tarping, emergency repairs, and proper debris removal. Consider hiring temporary workers to handle the anticipated influx of calls and manage the workload effectively. It may be necessary to partner with local temp agencies specializing in skilled labor for the construction industry so you can access qualified workers.

Durable Materials, Just-in-Time Delivery, and Partnerships

Stocking Up on Quality Materials
Stock up on popular and long-lasting roofing materials like GAF Timberline shingles, known for their wind resistance and long lifespan. This minimizes repair delays and demonstrates your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Just-in-Time Delivery
Explore options for just-in-time delivery to optimize storage space and cash flow. Consider partnering with reliable roofing material suppliers who can offer competitive pricing or bulk purchase discounts and ensure timely deliveries during peak season. Fostering trust and clear communication during these critical times can help you access vital resources and support. This will help you strengthen your reputation for reliability in the community, resulting in happy customers and strong partnerships.

Recommended Roofing Materials and Tools

GAF Timberline® Asphalt Shingles
Timberline shingles are a top choice for contractors due to their exceptional durability, wind resistance, and algae protection. They offer a balance of superior performance, aesthetics, and brand recognition, making them a reliable and popular option.

CertainTeed's Landmark XT Shingles
A popular choice for their extended lifespan and AlgaeShield® protection against algae growth.

Owens Corning's Duration Flex Shingles
Flexible and resistant to cracking, especially in extreme temperatures. These shingles are ideal for climates with significant temperature variations. Contractors appreciate the ease of installation and the confidence these flexible shingles provide in withstanding harsh weather conditions.

Malarkey’s Landmark Design Architectural Shingles
It is ideal for areas prone to high winds and offers a beautiful, dimensional look that enhances any roof. They are known for their exceptional wind resistance, surpassing ASTM standards.

Atlas Roofing's StormMaster Shingles
These shingles are a top choice for contractors due to their exceptional strength and all-weather performance. They boast a high wind rating and enhanced algae resistance, making them ideal for various climates.

Tamko Metal Roof Systems
Known for their durability, longevity, and resistance to harsh weather conditions. They are a reliable choice because they are relatively lightweight, easy to install, and require minimal maintenance over their extended lifespan.

Pabco's Premier RoofGuard Underlayment
A contractor favorite for its ease of use and superior waterproofing capabilities. This self-adhering underlayment eliminates the need for separate adhesive applications, saving time and labor costs. It also creates a strong, watertight seal, reducing the risk of leaks and callbacks for repairs.

Roof Vents
Proper ventilation is crucial for roof longevity and performance. Ensure you have enough vents to meet the increased demand during storm season. You can try OneClick Code’s Ventilation Calculator, which offers precise calculations to ensure compliance with building codes and manufacturer specifications.

Ice and Water Shield
This material protects against water infiltration, especially during heavy storms. Our Ice and Water Shield Calculator helps you determine the exact amount needed for any roofing project.

Optimizing Processes & Communication for Every Project

Streamlining Processes
Develop clear protocols for scheduling appointments, handling insurance claims, and keeping customers informed throughout the project. Create templates for estimates, reports, and communication to ensure consistency and efficiency. Invest in the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for contractors to facilitate customer communication and response times and track project progress. With OneClick Code, you simply enter the address and access many features to streamline your process for estimating roofing claims. Discover and make the most of these tools at OneClick Code.

Project Management Software
Explore and invest in tools and apps for roofers that will help streamline your workflow. Project management software for roofers like CoConstruct (a project management software designed for home builders and remodelers) or Buildertrend (a project management software for home builders, remodelers, and contractors) can be a game-changer, allowing you to streamline scheduling and invoicing, job allocation, communication with your team, and customer updates. OneClick Code, in partnership with CompanyCam and EagleView, offers automated building code data and comprehensive reports essential for creating accurate roofing estimates and defensible roofing claims. Learn How to Find Building Codes In Your Area 

Implement cloud-based solutions whenever possible to ensure easy access to information from any location and improve team collaboration.

Demystifying Insurance Claims for You and Your Customers

Understanding Insurance Claims
Educate yourself on the intricacies of roofing insurance claims. This knowledge is invaluable – you can efficiently handle your own insurance needs and offer invaluable guidance to your customers. By understanding the insurance claims process, you can assist in navigating the paperwork and maximize claim benefits. Familiarize yourself with common insurance terminology, claim procedures, and potential coverage disputes. You can partner with local insurance adjusters to gain insights and build relationships that can benefit both parties in better servicing your customers during storm season. Here, you can Find the Best Tools for Independent Claims Adjusters.

Pre-Storm Marketing to Educate, Attract, and Build Trust

Pre-Storm Marketing Campaign
Don't wait for the storm to hit! A well-planned pre-storm marketing campaign can give you a significant head start and establish you as a master roofing contractor in your community. This proactive approach lets you capture leads before the competition and build trust with potential customers when they're not under the pressure of a roofing emergency.

Year-Round Branding
Have year-round branding on your website, social media, and local billboards focusing on showcasing your services and certifications, such as GAF Master Elite, sharing informative content, and providing social proof with customer testimonials. Develop seasonal messaging during storm season and implement the following initiatives to attract new customers, build trust within your community, and establish yourself as the top roofing contractor choice.

Google PPC Ads
Target specific keywords related to roofing services in your area.

Social Media Ads
Highlight your storm preparedness expertise, various roof repair services, and commitment to exceptional customer service.

Pre-Storm Inspections
Coordinate and schedule pre-storm inspections at a discounted rate.

Local Media Partnerships
Establish local media partnerships with local news outlets to position yourself as a local expert roofing contractor. Contribute educational content about storm preparedness and hire a qualified roofer.

Prepare for Disruptions During Roofing Jobs

Flexible Scheduling
Move from rigid daily schedules to tentative weekly planning. This allows you to adjust start dates based on weather forecasts and complete jobs on time, even with minor delays. Communicate this flexible approach to your customers during the initial estimate and project discussion.

Be Ready to Tarp a Roof
Keep a readily available supply of high-quality tarps on hand. If a storm approaches mid-project, prioritize covering exposed areas of the roof to prevent water damage. Consider incorporating "storm preparedness" into your project pricing to account for the cost of additional materials like tarps.

Transparent Communication with Customers
Keep your customers informed. Communicate any schedule changes prompted by weather forecasts and explain their reasoning. Utilize multiple communication channels, such as phone calls, text messages, and project management software, to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Communication Channels with Crew
Establish clear communication channels with your crew. Utilize a group messaging platform or a project management software feature to keep your team informed about weather updates and potential schedule changes.

Daily Weather Briefings
Integrate weather updates into your daily morning routine. Reliable weather sources like the National Weather Service (NWS) or a local meteorology service can help you anticipate potential disruptions and adjust your schedule accordingly.

Weather Apps & Alerts
Download reliable weather apps with real-time updates, radar imagery, and push notifications for severe weather warnings. Popular options include AccuWeather, Weather Underground, and The Weather Channel app.

Local News & Traffic Reports
Bookmark local news websites, traffic monitoring platforms, and the social media pages of your local police and fire departments. These agencies are often on the front lines of weather events and can provide real-time updates on road closures, accidents, and other hazards that may not be immediately reflected on Google Maps or Waze. Following these pages can give you a hyper-local perspective on how the storm impacts your area and the surrounding roadways. Traffic monitoring platforms can also help you stay updated on power outages and storm-related delays.

Develop a "Storm Day" Protocol
Determine a plan for crew activities during unexpected weather disruptions. Consider options like material organization, equipment maintenance, or safety training sessions to ensure your team remains productive even when a job is temporarily halted.

Following these guidelines can help you provide exceptional client service, build a strong reputation, and grow your roofing business. By leveraging advanced technology, maintaining a thorough checklist, and preparing your team and materials, roofing companies can effectively help you master the storm season. 

One Click Code: Your Storm Season Secret Weapon

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  • Increased Efficiency: OneClick Code streamlines the entire process, allowing you to handle more jobs and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Transparency and Trust: Using the OneClick Code demonstrates transparency and expertise to your customers, builds trust, and fosters long-term relationships.


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