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Tony Cañas from Profiles in Risk Podcast Garrett Kurtt and Jessi West Lundeen from OneClick Code
Jessi West Lundeen
Jessi West Lundeen

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How OneClick Data is Bringing Claims Solutions to the Insurance Industry with Tony Cañas on Profiles in Risk Podcast


Tony Cañas has every post-nominal initial that you can think of. But, it's his experience in the industry that makes him a true joy to talk with. In this post, you will see our latest video with Tony on his podcast - Profiles in Risk - where we talk about how our products can serve the insurance claims industry from the ground up. 

A talk with Tony Cañas: How OneClick Data is changing the insurance claims process

Tony Cañas, CPCU, MBA, AU, ARM, ARe, AIC, AIS is an Insurance and Insurtech Talent Matchmaker, P&C Insurance Nerd, Best Selling Author, Speaker, and the host of Profiles in Risk Podcast. Tony has seen and done it all in the insurance industry. 

When Tony walks into an insurance conference, it is hard NOT to notice him. Clad in a bright, cherry red blazer and a black top hat, Tony floats around the room, connecting all the attendees in casual yet in-depth insurance conversations. He's so noticeable that when Garrett and Jessi were headed back to their homes in Colorado after the latest InsurTech Hartford Symposium, they saw the top hat among the other travelers grabbing a bite to eat and instantly yelled, "Tony!" When he asked OneClick to be on the Profiles in Risk Podcast, it was an immediate no-brainer. 

In this podcast episode, you will hear Tony picking the brains of CEO and founder Garrett Kurtt and Director of Marketing & Communications Jessi West Lundeen about the latest Code product by OneClick Data and how it can help the insurance industry by providing a source of truth for building code and jurisdiction information for properties across the United States. 



Listen to the latest podcast episode:

About Tony Cañas:

Co-Founder, Chief Motivational Officer, RVP West Coast is a blog dedicated to the intersection of Insurance, Careers, and Technology. We aim to become the go-to place for interesting content about the insurance industry, to help shape the future of insurance and to recruit and motivate the next generation of insurance professionals.

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About OneClick Data Inc.

OneClick Data Inc. is a trusted data partner dedicated to streamlining the code-sourcing process for all parties in the roofing industry while increasing efficiency and transparency for all stakeholders in construction and restoration. They have the only platform, OneClick Code, to have blazed the trail for data automation of jurisdictional authority for building codes, permit fees, taxes, and manufacturer specifications required for any address nationwide. OneClick Code has been serving customers in the contracting, insurance, and claim adjusting fields by providing instant access to trusted roofing codes with the click of a button. Offering unique reports that can be easily shared between all stakeholders in the roofing claims industry, OneClick Code adds value to all parties and empowers customers to save time and money on every claim. Welcome to restoration intelligence, automated. To learn more, please visit

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