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Make the Most of the Slow Season OneClick Blog
Gabi Ribeiro
Gabi Ribeiro

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How Adjusters Stay Prepared for Busy Season

For both new adjusters looking to enter the industry and experienced professionals seeking to broaden their horizons, the slow part of the year offers the perfect opportunity to set yourself up for a successful new season ahead.

As most adjusters take a break to refresh before the busy spring storm season, this is the ideal time to take the opportunity and avoid getting too comfortable and stuck. Even if you performed well last year, it's important to continue sharpening your skills and expanding your presence in the industry. Don't let this slower period go to waste.

To help you get ready for the busy season to come, here are some useful tips and resources to guide you through this time of self-improvement and preparation:


Having a valid license is a critical aspect of being an adjuster. Licensing regulations vary by state and ensure that adjusters have the necessary qualifications, training, and expertise to perform their job effectively. In addition to demonstrating competence and credibility, having a license also demonstrates a commitment to the profession and adherence to industry standards. Not having a valid license can result in legal and financial consequences, and harm your reputation as a professional. Staying up to date with continuing education requirements and renewing your license when required can help you maintain your license and continue to provide high-quality services to your clients.

Getting your license in your home state is a must for any adjuster. Different states have different rules, so getting licensed where you live is a great starting point. Plus, it shows that you follow the rules and are serious about your career. Once you have your license at home, you'll be set up for success and ready to go for new opportunities.

Once you have your home state license, you might consider getting licensed in other states. This can help you expand your reach and be ready to go after claims in different states. Just keep in mind that each state has different rules, so make sure you do your research and understand what you need to do to get licensed in each one. But don't let the extra work hold you back! The more licenses you have, the more doors will open for you. So, go for it!

Kick off your search in states that get hit by hurricanes in the Gulf and the Midwest, where wind and hail claims are common. Having licenses in multiple states is also important if you work in-office or remotely. Insurance companies want adjusters who can handle claims from all over the place.

Continued Education

New technologies, regulations, and industry trends are constantly emerging, and it's essential for adjusters to stay up-to-date with the latest developments. By continuing their education, adjusters can hone their skills, improve their job performance, and expand their knowledge and expertise. Additionally, continuing education can enhance an adjuster's career prospects by making them more attractive to potential employers and demonstrating their commitment to the industry. In a rapidly evolving field like insurance adjusting, continuous learning is the key to long-term success.

Keep your vehicle and tools ready to go

Having a vehicle that is ready to go is crucial when using it for work, especially for adjusters. Being in the field requires reliable transportation to reach clients and assess the damage. A well-maintained vehicle ensures that you can respond to calls promptly and efficiently, without having to worry about unexpected breakdowns or maintenance issues. Apart from that, having a clean and organized vehicle also helps to maintain a professional image and creates a positive impression on clients. By keeping your vehicle in good condition, you can be confident that it will perform when you need it the most and help you achieve success in your job.

Having the right tools for the job is just as important as having a dependable vehicle for adjusters. As you are constantly in the field writing reports for your claims, having the necessary tools readily available can save valuable time and help you complete your work efficiently. This can range from simple tools such as measuring tape, ladders, and flashlights to more specialized equipment like moisture meters. Proper preparation and organization of these tools can help ensure that you are ready for any situation that may arise and provide accurate assessments to clients. Make sure you have a list of every tool you’ll need and that all of them are in working condition. By being prepared with the correct tools, you can effectively perform your job, demonstrate competence, and establish credibility with clients.

Use Technology to your Advantage

Technology has come a long way and can help you make the most of your time and money. This slow season is a great opportunity to research and learn more about what technology can do for you.

Estimating tools, like Xactimate or Symbility, are platforms that can expand your market share for claims. These tools help to streamline the assessment process, produce accurate estimates, and provide a clear and concise presentation of the damage. Some common estimating tools include software programs that can create detailed reports and diagrams, as well as mobile apps that provide real-time data and calculation capabilities. Utilizing these tools can not only save time and increase efficiency but also ensure that estimates are consistent and in line with industry standards. By incorporating the use of estimating tools into your workflow, you can increase your accuracy, speed up the claims process, and provide a higher level of service to your clients. Even if you already use these tools, are you sure you got the latest version? Are you using the platform to its full potential? A great resource to learn more about this is Estimate Mastery, by Alena Wilson. Check it out!

Calculators can be a valuable resource for adjusters looking to save time and money. These calculators allow adjusters to quickly and accurately get your estimates. By using online calculators, adjusters can streamline their work and avoid costly errors that can occur when calculations are done manually. OneClick offers an Ice and Water Shield calculator, a Waste Calculator, and a Ventilation Calculator. They're simple to use - you just need to input the measurements and information - and can save you tons of time not only with doing the math, but with providing you with the documentation to back up your numbers. No more back and forth!

Every day, fresh adjusters are entering the industry and adapting to the modern and efficient methods. As they become your new competition, take advantage of this slower period to invest in quality training, make connections with new vendors, and challenge yourself to gain proficiency in a new aspect of the industry.

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