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March 02, 2021

Become an Estimating Expert. Learn How to Use OneClick Code to Your Advantage.

We have designed OneClick Code to be one of the first tools you turn to when estimating projects. Why? Because if you have the right jurisdiction, building codes, and sales tax, you have the backbone of a solid estimate. 


"Jurisdiction is easy. I have always been doing it this way. I just use a city name or zip code, right?" Well, no. Did you know that relying on the city name listed in a US postal address leads to 40-50% of the properties having the wrong jurisdiction assignments? Which can lead to 20-25% swings on every claim. OneClick Code uses geo-location data which gives you the correct jurisdiction, every time and within seconds. 


Ok, so that seems simple. It is! But, we offer so much more than that. Let us help you use the app to get the most out of every claim using all of the OneClick Code tools at your fingertips.




infographicThat's it!

Stay tuned for new features coming soon!


 Want to learn more?

Schedule a demo with one of our team members to learn more about how to take advantage of OneClick Code for your roofing estimates. 


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Visit our FAQ page for answers to your questions and take a peek at our How it Works page for more of an overview of the product. 



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