4 Easy Ways to Document to Close the Claim
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4 Easy Ways to Document Your Work to Close the Claim

Quick question for you. How do you document your work to close roofing claims? How do you document building code enforcement? Do you use a spreadsheet followed by a word document followed by emails and phone calls?

We get it. You have your processes that work (sort of). But what if you could find the jurisdiction, building code enforcement, manufacturer requirements, sales tax, building design criteria AND have the documentation in seconds to back it all up? It is possible my friend. Here are 4 ways you can document your work to close the claim quickly and easily.


1. Code Detail Summary

If you have been using our Code product, you know that our Code PDF is a great way to get your claim paid quickly without argument. However, we have made it a bit more robust. Now including images to demonstrate the part of the roof in question, we have designed the document to speak for itself. The best part is that large insurance carriers throughout the U.S. are recognizing our reports as valid and are beginning to accept them as third-party proof. 

2. Manufacturer Requirements

Maybe you live in a state that has state-wide adopted codes. That is amazing. But, do you know that manufacturer requirements can often trump jurisdictional building code enforcement? Manufacturers are able to set their own standards for how their product is installed that can effect the entire estimate by requiring drip edge even if the jurisdiction does not require it. With our new Manufacturer Requirements PDF, you can select your shingle type and get an instant report on what is required or not. 

3. Building Design Criteria

This document was created with our engineers and architects in mind. Are you doing a full roof replacement that requires structural changes to the house? Was the home a part of a catastrophic weather event? Most likely if this is the case, you will need to have an engineer on board. Our Building Design Criteria document shows everything from wind speed to snow load. 

4. Hail Storm History (BETA)*

Powered by the National Weather Service, we have included a section on the snapshot of the app that highlights the recent hail storms associated with the property. Not only that, but we have included a Hail Storm History document. Understanding recent and historical hail storm history for a property can back up a recent hail claim or demonstrate damage in the past that may still be present. *Both of these elements are currently in BETA for our users to test and give feedback. 
Whether you are a contractor, adjuster, engineer, or homeowner, our main goal is to eliminate friction between all parties by being the source of truth for building codes and more. We want to empower you to have the best tools at your fingertips to make your life easier, help you create accurate and defensible estimates, and save time and money on every claim for less than the price of a cup of coffee. 
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