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HailTrace + OneClick Code

Integrations: Manufacturers

OneClick Code has teamed up with HailTrace to bring you building code data for every project you start inside of your HailTrace account. Know where a storm hit and the building codes to support your estimate. 

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How we Integrate

Once you start a project in your HailTrace app, you will instantly see the initial building code information you need to start your estimate. Need reports to send in with your estimates to back up your building code research? Sign into your OneClick Code account and start a project.

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About HailTrace

HailTrace is a technology company that excels in weather forensics. They have a team of 5 meteorologists that analyze and build a database of hail maps, wind maps, and tornado maps across all of the United States, Canada, and Australia in real-time! Actionable data is then generated to nurture existing customers, build new leads, and track potential prospects.

HailTrace App

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