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The Roofing Code Tool You Can't Live Without

Kyle Larson has been using OneClick Code since 2019 when it was just a small piece of what it is today. We recently asked our users to send us their professional opinions about using our app and this is what he came back with... 


"I have been writing supplements for 20 years. That equates to thousands upon thousands of files where I have provided relevant code info.


In that time I have filled folders upon folders with specific code information for different locales with different adopted codes. I have read through roofing codes so much I think I am sure I know what the code says better than most code officials. 😉 The last thing I needed was a service that provided me all this info I already knew by heart.

"The last thing I needed was a service that provided me all this info I already knew by heart."

Boy was I wrong. OneClick Code and the way they have formatted and consolidated all the relevant information is invaluable. The correct tax information alone is worth the price of a subscription.


No more searching through folders for specific code info I need. No more logging onto municipalities' websites to make sure what they are, and are not, enforcing. No more trying to convince adjusters that such-and-such municipality has adopted these codes. I include OneClick Code on every file I work on. I have saved a tremendous amount of time and it is all put together in a fantastic package that insurers will accept.


My only complaint is it took someone this long to come up with this!"


- Kyle Larson, Furtado Law Solutions


About OneClick Code

OneClick Code is a trusted data partner, dedicated to streamlining the code-sourcing process for all parties in the roofing industry while also increasing efficiency and transparency for all stakeholders in construction and restoration. They have the only platform to have blazed the trail for data automation of jurisdictional authority for building codes, permit fees, taxes, and manufacturer specifications required for any address nationwide. OneClick Code has been serving customers in the contracting, insurance, and claim adjusting fields by providing instant access to trusted roofing codes, in the click of a button. Offering unique reports that can be easily shared between all stakeholders in the roofing claims industry, OneClick is adding value to all parties and empowering customers to save time and money on every claim. Welcome to restoration intelligence, automated. To learn more, visit our website

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