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Topic: Industry Insights

What Are Building Codes And Why Do You Need Them?

By OneClick Code on March 30, 2020

Building codes such as the International Building Code or IBC and the International Residential Code or IRC, are some of the most important components for the building industry. Yet,...

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How To Find Building Codes In Your Area

By OneClick Code on February 28, 2020

Building Code Research can be one of the most tedious things that we have to do as roofer/contractors, adjusters, or insurance industry members. Why in this world of technology and...

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Hail Damage Roof Inspection

By OneClick Code on January 30, 2020

A big hail storm hits and roofers, adjusters, glass repairmen, and car autobody shops rejoice. Natural disasters like wind and hail storms create 70-90% of the insurance roof-related...

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Roofers ask: Why can’t I just use the zip code for sales tax?

By OneClick Code on December 23, 2019

Any good roofer knows that the profitability of a job comes down to two main components: high quality of work and proper calculation—the prior to avoid the costs of rework and the latter...

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Why you should incorporate drones into your roofing business

By OneClick Code on December 18, 2019

As long as there have been buildings, there have been those tasked with maintaining and repairing them. And because a building’s roof is the key bastion of protection from precipitation...

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