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Save Thousands of Dollars on Every Project by Using OneClick Code the Right Way.

OneClick was developed to help everyone in the roofing restoration industry save time and money. Did you know that you can find jurisdiction authority, sales tax, roofing codes, and even manufacturer specifications? Watch the video to learn more about our features to help you save time and money. 


OneClick Code is focused to provide the most accurate roofing code data to our customers. We know that the right data can affect each roofing claim greatly in time and money savings.


An incorrect set of roof data inputs can swing the claim payout by 21%. Perhaps most astonishing in this example is the fact that the payment could be wrong in either direction, i.e. the insurer may end up paying too much or too little based on the data as depicted.


With savings in loss costs and loss adjustment expenses combined, the homeowners insurance industry could save over $1 billion annually while simultaneously helping their adjusters and contractor partners avoid frustration, save time, get clear answers and save out on recurrent overpayments due to systematic errors in code identification and managed services implementation. Read the white paper to learn more. 


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