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December 29, 2021

HERE & OneClick Code: Geo-Location is the Secret to Accurate Claims

OneClick Code app uses HERE data to provide accurate jurisdiction for the roof restoration industry.

When Garrett Kurtt, founder and CEO of OneClick Code, was an adjuster working on catastrophic restoration claims in Texas after Hurricane Ike, he started to notice a trend while trying to create accurate roofing estimates. He did not have accurate information about the properties he was estimating for. It wasn't until he started a roofing company that he realized the underlying issue behind the conflict between adjusters and contractors. It is impossible to create an accurate and defensible roofing estimate without knowing the jurisdiction having authority over the property. By this we mean the municipality that issues the permits and enforces the building codes for each property. This lack of information causes frustrations between all parties on who is right. Not only that, but knowing this information is essential to creating an accurate insurance claim on a roof.

It's more than just a roof, it's a geo-location. 

An adjuster who has an address or zip code can call who they think is the presiding municipality and get the code and permit information for that property. But, they will be wrong 40% of the time because addresses are wrong. Well, not exactly wrong, but folks that rely on a postal address for establishing jurisdiction instead of the property’s geolocation (longitude and latitude) will be faced with receiving inaccurate information.  Understanding the correct geo-location of a property address is the secret ticket to unlocking the information to create an accurate estimate of how much a roof should cost. We can see this clearly using sales tax as en example where there are often multiple rates per zip code, county, and/or city and inaccuracies are common. The same principle goes for building codes. 

Read more about jurisdiction here.

Introducing HERE: the platform that provides accurate geo-location for all of our properties. 

OneClick Code has automated and accurately defined jurisdiction having authority for 99.7% of the United States property and casualty roofing claims addresses across the country using geo-location services provided by HERE. With HERE data supporting our municipal outreach, we are able to provide transparency, reduce friction, and increase accuracies across the board. Accurate codes, accurate claims. It's that simple. 



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