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AdjusterPro + OneClick Code

Partnership: Industry Partners

OneClick Code has teamed up with AdjusterPro to make your life as an adjuster much easier. 

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About the Partnership

The partnership between OneClick Code and AdjusterPro unites shared values and a commitment to excellence. OneClick Code's building code and jurisdiction identification solutions blend with AdjusterPro's expertise, offering adjusters advanced tools and resources. This synergy enhances skills, efficiency, and effectiveness in navigating insurance claims, exemplifying alignment and paving the way for adjuster success in a dynamic industry.

OneClick Code members get exclusive offers for AdjusterPro courses and education materials. 

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About AdjusterPro

AdjusterPro® is the nation’s leading online training and licensing provider for prospective and current independent claims adjusters. AdjusterPro offers Pre-licensing, Exam Prep, Continuing Education (CE), and Xactimate courses, all delivered virtually through its online classroom. 

Through its corporate platform, carriers and IA Firms can also take advantage of AdjusterPro’s course offerings. AdjusterPro offers centralized licensing and administration for large organizations seeking to manage their adjuster licensing needs in one portal, tailored uniquely for their teams. 

Prospective and current claims adjusters: Visit to learn more, or start a course today! 

Interested in our corporate solutions? Visit to learn more. 

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